About us

Start Your Own Business (SYOB.nl) was launched because many people have a fascination for starting a business. The thought that you can launch a business by simply having a good idea is the main reason for starting SYOB.nl. With a good idea for a business and knowing how to start your own business in St. Maarten, anyone can start their own business as a source of extra income. Many people on the island have a lingering wish to start their own business. With 10-10-10 right around the corner and St. Maarten achieving Country Status, starting a business is a way to improve your chances of creating wealth and achieving financial freedom.

People have a passion for starting their own business and SYOB.nl is meant to show you how to do just that in St. Maarten. By buying our Course Book and signing up for our Weekly Classes you will learn to how turn an idea into a real business and start selling your products and services.

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